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Sunday, February 26, 2006

From the Memoirs-The "Gloria Scott"

First published in the Strand Magazine, Apr. 1893, with 7 illustrations by Sidney Paget.

1. What makes the story of the “Gloria Scott” unique among Watson’s chronicles?

2. Who was Victor Trevor?

3. How many years did Holmes attend college?

4. Describe Holmes social life while in college.

5. What sports did Holmes favor?

6. How did he meet Victor Trevor?

7. How long was Holmes laid-up by the bite?

8. How does Holmes describe Trevor?

9. Where does Holmes go for one month of the long vacation?

10. Describe the house and property in Donnithorpe.

11. Describe Trevor Senior.

12. How did Holmes know that Trevor senior feared an attack of some sort?

13. What other facts did Holmes reveal about Mr.Trevor?

14. Which fact put Trevor into a faint?

15. How does Trevor explain his faint and what does he tell Holmes about his skills as a detective?

16. How did Sherlock explain his “J.A.” comment?

17. Who was Trevor senior’s visitor?

18. How long has it been since Hudson had seen Trevor?

19. Where has Hudson been?

20. What did Trevor do after talking to Hudson?

21. Holmes left Donnithorpe, but was called back two months later. Why?

22. What has happened to Trevor senior?

23. What had happened in the house after Hudson arrived?

24. How does Trevor senior explain himself to his son?

25. What did Hudson do when he received no ‘pology from Victor?

26. What was in the letter that caused the dad to come so agitated?

27. What happened to Trevor senior as a result of reading the letter?

28. How was the message: “The supply of game for London is going steadily up. Headkeeper Hudson, we believe, has been now told to receive all orders for fly-paper and for preservation of your hen pheasant’s life,” translated?

29. Who was Beddoes and what did Trevor senior’s papers say about the “Gloria Scott?

30. Who was James Armitage?

31. What had Armitage done?

32. Where was the Gloria Scott heading?

33. Who was Jack Prendergast? What was his crime?

34. Who was Jack’s confederate on the ship?

35. Who was Evans?

36. How did the uprising occur on the ship?

37. What happened to the “Gloria Scott?”

38. Who did the escaping seamen pull into their boat after the Gloria Scott was destroyed?

39. What tale did Hudson tell?

40. What happened to the men in the lifeboat after they were picked up by the Hotspur?

41. What did Armitage and Evans do?

42. What became of young Trevor?

43. What did Holmes surmise happened to Beddoes and Hudson?


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