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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

From the Memoirs - The Resident Patient

First published in the Strand Magazine, Aug. 1893, with 7 illustrations by Sidney Paget

1. What are Watson’s reasons for chronicling this tale?

2. How did Holmes deduce that a general practitioner had come to call?

3. Describe Dr. Percy Trevelyan

4. What does Watson know of Dr. Trevelyan’s publications?

5. Describe Dr. Trevelyan’s college career and his plans for a practice?

6. Who is Mr. Blessington?

7. What proposition does Mr. Blessington make to Dr. Trevelyan?

8. So, Blessington became a resident patient. Explain the meaning of this “resident patient.”

9. What were Blessington’s daily habits?

10. What incident changed Blessington’s demeanor?

11. How did he react to the burglary in the West End?

12. What did the letter say that Dr. Trevelyan received?

13. Describe the events associated with the visit of the Russian nobleman.

14. What treatment did Percy Trevelyan attempt to give his “cataleptic” patient? What happened to his patient?

15. What explanation did the Russian nobleman offer concerning his sudden disappearance on the previous visit?

16. What did Mr. Blessington find in his room after his walk? What explanation was offered for the footprints?

17. How did Blessington react to the intruder?

18. How did Holmes react to Dr. Trevelyan’s story?

19. How did Blessington greet Holmes, Watson and Trevelyan?

20. How does Watson describe Blessington?

21. What questions does Holmes ask Blessington?

22. What story does Blessington offer concerning his reaction to the intruders?

23. What does Holmes tell Blessington in response to his story?

24. What are the details of the resident patient affair as Holmes explains it?

25. What is Watson’s hypothesis about the case?

26. What has happened overnight on Brook Street?

27. How does Lanner assess the death of Blessington?

27. How long had Blessington been dead?

28. What did Holmes deduce from the cigars?

29. What does Holmes do in the bedroom before Blessington is cut down?

30. Where did the rope come from?

31. Holmes takes a picture of Blessington and says that he’ll find the perpetrators and know the reasons for the crime by that evening?

a. True b. False

32. What are the details of the crime according to Holmes?

33. What became of Trevelyan’s page?

34. What were the “little obscurities” that Holmes cleared up during his investigations?

35. What became of the murderers of Mr. Blessington (Sutton)?


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