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Saturday, February 25, 2006

From the Memoirs-The Musgrave Ritual

First published in the Strand Magazine, Sept. 1893, with 8 illustrations by Sidney Paget.

1. How does Watson describe Holmes’ personal habits?

2. What are some of the things that Holmes has done that demonstrates Watson’s points?

3. How did Holmes keep the papers of his cases?

4. What was Holmes’ Commonplace Book?

5. What was in the tin box that Holmes dragged out of his bedroom?

6. What were some of the cases that Holmes fished gently from the box?

7. What was in the small wooden box? What was their history?

8. Where did Holmes say he had rooms when he first came up to London?

9. What was the case number for the Ritual?

10. Describe Reginald and his feudal keep.

11. Describe Brunton.

12. What appears to be one of Brunton’s few faults?

13. How has his fault manifested itself?

14. Who are Rachel Howells and Janet Tragellis?

15. Explain what happened to cause Brunton’s disgrace and dismissal.

16. What document had Brunton been examining?

17. What is the Musgrave Ritual?

18. What did Brunton ask Reginald Musgrave to do after the butler was dismissed?

19. How much time was Brunton given to make his excuses and leave?

20. Relate the conversation between Rachel Howells and Reginald Musgrave?

21. What are the details of Brunton’s disappearance and the clues as to his whereabouts?

22. What did Sir Reginald do to try and locate Brunton?

23. What happened to Rachel Howells?

24. What was found in the mere when it was dragged looking for Rachel Howells body?

25. Summarize the facts of the case as Holmes related them to Watson.

26. What are the couplets of the ritual?

27. Why did Brunton ask for time before he was dismissed?

28. What does Holmes say of Brunton’s behavior and insights compared to generations of Musgraves?

29. What did Brunton’s map detail?

30. Describe Hurlstone.

31. How did Holmes interpret Brunton’s behavior?

32. What did Holmes deduce that the ritual was detailing?

33. What were the two “fixed points” in the ritual according to Holmes?

34. Describe the oak and its location.

35. Describe the elm and explain its fate.

36. How did Reginald know the height of the elm?

37. Had Brunton asked about the height of the elm?

38. Explain Holmes’ measurement?

39. How did Holmes know that Brunton had preceded him?

40. Where did the measurements lead Holmes?

41. What part of the ritual had Holmes forgotten?

42. What did Holmes find, “and under.?”

43. What did Holmes find in the 7' X 4' chamber?

44. What did Holmes do next after finding Bruntin?

45. What did Holmes deduce about how Brunton ended up dead in the chamber?


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